Lange Nacht der Museen Berlin 31.8.2019

Qazwini. Global Images – Images of the World 750 Years Ago


The world in 460 pictures. That’s the number of colour illustrations included in the illuminated manuscript of The Miracle of Creation that will be on display from 16 August to 27 October 2019 in the book art cabinet of the Museum für Islamische Kunst. The sheets on display provide a colourful insight into the knowledge about the world that was gathered together by the scholar al-Qazwini between 1260 and 1280. He describes the celestial spheres along with their inhabitants, planets and constellations, the four elements, as well as animals, minerals and plants. The display is capped off by fabulous and bizarre creatures. By presenting to his readers the diversity and miraculous nature of divine creation, al-Qazwini sought to encourage them to contemplate the wonder of creation, and through this, to recognise the greatness of God.

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