Lange Nacht der Museen Berlin 31.8.2019

Scandal! Myth! Modernism! The association of the XI in Berlin


On February 5, 1892, eleven painters in Berlin founded an association “to hold art exhibitions.” This association revolutionized the art world. In a palace located on the city’s main boulevard Unter den Linden, the group presented exhibitions of contemporary art dominated by progressive styles like impressionism and symbolism, which otherwise hardly had a place in imperial Berlin. The very first exhibition broke out in scandal, the XI were either reviled or celebrated. As the first avant-garde artist group in the German-speaking world, the Group of XI became a cornerstone for Berlin modernism, which was given a broader forum as of 1899 in the Berlin Secession.

With more than 100 exhibits, “Scandal! Myth! Modernism! The Association of the XI in Berlin” presents the history of this pioneering organization of Berlin artists for the very first time.

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